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MTV Ema’s 2014 Vote for Nicki Minaj here:


“Here I Am is the 2nd song I recorded for the album. It was originally going to be called “Letter to the Media”. I felt there were things I needed to get off my chest. I changed it because after listening over and over, it sounded as though it could apply to an intimate relationship as well. It’s funny… this song is probably the last song people would expect to hear from me but it has to be in my top 3 favorites on the album. I’d listen to this song for hours on the plane or at home and pray for the day when I’d truly feel accepted. For me. Not for who everyone else thinks I am. Not for who people want me to be. But for me. Here I am. Hate it or love it. Here I am. I’ve given all I had to give. I fought. I failed. I won. I cried. I laughed. I screamed. I’m ready. Not perfect by any stretch of the imagination. But Here I Am.”

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i still watch this video at least once a day